Lube 1:4

Here is a quick lube tip from us at Baba’s. As more people are experimenting with anal sex we find we are having even more requests for anal lubes and at times we’re sold out! Anal lubes are available in water and silicone based formulas they are usually thicker in consistency, lasts longer and often contain a desensitizing agent. Clean Stream anal lube If you … Continue reading Lube 1:4

Lube 1:3

In past articles we’ve been talking lubricants; today we’re talking Hybrids. Hybrid lubes are described as the “dream mix”. They are a combination of silicone and water based lubes. They clean-up easy as water-based lubes yet last long as silicone lubes. Wet hybrid lube Many say hybrid lubes are the best of both worlds, why choose one when you can have two? It’s win-win! With … Continue reading Lube 1:3


condoms Did you know that most condoms are now flex fit and will fit most sizes? All brands sold by us are tested for strength and reliability passing ISO standards and are durable. We only sell high quality condoms which are made from premium materials and use high quality lubricants just for your pleasure. We have plenty of options; will you choose one? Here we … Continue reading Condoms

Sexual variety

Nothing spices up the holiday season more than a little sexual variety. A new toy in the bedroom is great to help you get even more in tune with your body and partner (it’s like a threesome without a third person). What better toy to spice things up than the Jack Rabbit®? The Jack Rabbit® actually provide dual pleasure; clitoral stimulation and shaft penetrating. The … Continue reading Sexual variety