What are you doing this weekend?

How about rewarding your lover for the fab gift you received on Valentine’s Day?   Fetish Fantasy Series Knee/Elbow Pads   Let your partner wonder what’s coming next when you take out these blindfolds from the Fetish Fantasy Series Knee/Elbow Pads Kit and cover their eyes. Their senses will only heighten when they hear you strap on these adjustable cushy elbow/knee pads, what you do … Continue reading What are you doing this weekend?

Last minute Valentine

You were the Valentine Grinch, you ignored every heart filled; gift toting Valentine window display and now you regret it. Too bad we missed you but here’s what you can do and seem like the sweetheart you want to be. Order last minute flowers from the florist Make last minute dinner reservations, order a special takeout or prepare a meal from an old recipe Make … Continue reading Last minute Valentine

Back to Basics

It’s almost Valentine’s Day you’re single and sexually restless! That’s something we can help you prepare for so you don’t make the mistake of hooking up with the wrong person or worst, the ex! Get back to basics with this Mini Mite Massager!    Mini Mite Massager Reach the perfect spot and reduce feelings of restlessness with this incredible personal massager. Choose from five (5) massage … Continue reading Back to Basics