Are you thinking of resolutions?

    How about this for a resolution; turn challenges into opportunities; here are two quick tips on how you can. Are you tired of being single? Create as many opportunities as you can to meet a partner. Accept invitations you would normally ignore. Get out there; dress to impress, socialize more and remember, your potential partner is just as nervous as you are so … Continue reading Are you thinking of resolutions?


condoms Did you know that most condoms are now flex fit and will fit most sizes? All brands sold by us are tested for strength and reliability passing ISO standards and are durable. We only sell high quality condoms which are made from premium materials and use high quality lubricants just for your pleasure. We have plenty of options; will you choose one? Here we … Continue reading Condoms

Are Romantic Men a Dying Breed?

Nothing says romance quite like lingerie, so in setting the stage for romance, add a quick gift; what’s better than a quick stop in our store and picking up something seductive? Choose styles made from fine fabrics as silk, satin, lace and more all designed to make her feel feminine and desirable. Sheer Mesh Babydoll Gentlemen; if you have a special evening in mind for … Continue reading Are Romantic Men a Dying Breed?