A new sexual revolution!

Glamorous singles and widows sixty (60) and over are reclaiming their sexuality. More and more of these women are rediscovering their sexuality and are stepping out confidently to explore in the same way women in their thirties are. They are open to trying toys, novelties and even erotica! I swear true story; my fabulous (widowed) neighbour definitely over 60yrs recently asked me about sex toys, … Continue reading A new sexual revolution!


This guilty pleasure female arousal cream heightens passion and sensitivity, readily available in assorted flavours with it’s cool, tingly yet warm sensations; this clitoral cream is quickly becoming one of the secrets to sensational sex. Lovingly apply guilty pleasure to the clitoris for pure ecstasy and experience sensual enhancement for her with an unexpected delight for him. We’re in twitter @babaslingerie follow us for hints, tips … Continue reading Guilty!

The Real Introduction

If you’re nervous about introducing a vibrator into your relationship; relax, more couples are enjoying them than ever before – we should know (wink). Here are a few facts on the orgasmic delights they can bring. Real Feel No.2 Adding a vibrator to your relationship is like a threesome without the third person. You could use it to:- Help find and stimulate your G-spot or … Continue reading The Real Introduction


You invested in (a) sex toy(s), toys are expensive and should be well cared for; for what it’s worth – your pleasure and health. Your toy(s) should be cleaned after each use and stored, never immerse your electric or battery operated toy into a sink or basin filled with water. Toys should be carefully washed (to avoid the battery or electrical connection from being wet) … Continue reading TOY CLEANING AND CARE

Caution. Slippery when Wet!

Missed your op last time? Next time there is a long weekend, prepare yourself. Wet premium lubricants are longer lasting, silky, never sticky and silicone based. This lubricant is formulated according to the highest industry standards. Silicone based Wet Platinum is extra concentrated which makes it need little to none re-application and hypoallergenic making it less likely to irritate sensitive areas. Follow us in twitter @babaslingerie … Continue reading Caution. Slippery when Wet!