Gift Registry – the basics

When hosting a fabulous bridal shower consider the couple and every aspect of their new life together. Choose carefully the gifts which best suits their lifestyle. Imagine their bedroom as a retreat where the couple can de-stress and really relax. Think of their bathroom as a personal spa and their living room as the room to just be themselves; choose gifts that will also put … Continue reading Gift Registry – the basics

Hosting a fun-filled bridal shower

Being a great hostess is all about creativity. Sure, you can host a bridal shower that is good but just good isn’t memorable; a fantastic hostess does a play on the Bridal Shower with a hefty dose of naughty, original thinking. Plan a themed Bridal Shower and use said theme for inspiration. Take the kitchen, for instance as a theme. Look around; how many items … Continue reading Hosting a fun-filled bridal shower

5 surprising ways to enjoy Valentine’s alone

No one special to share Valentine’s Day with? Sure you have, You! Do something different, change is good! Think! Plan for Valentine’s Day in advance – don’t forget the details, you’ll find yourself getting excited about your plan, be it quality alone time or fun with other like-minds. Host a games or movie night don’t forget the details popcorn, chips and dips and ask guests to bring a  bottle Pamper … Continue reading 5 surprising ways to enjoy Valentine’s alone

Get organized in under a minute!

Are you always making plans and not following through? Not enough time to do everything? Is this why you made no resolutions because you usually struggle to follow them? Well, today is a great day to get organized; let’s get started the old fashioned “diary way”. As a teen my dad would give me a diary every year; that was his way of teaching me time … Continue reading Get organized in under a minute!