2 quick tips for spicy foreplay

It is no secret that foreplay done right leads to more intense orgasms. Foreplay is more than groping; try teasing each other, make it fun, exciting and playful. There’s always a time and a place for a tease, no need to be boring and repetitive and whilst you’re warming up remember, it’s all about building anticipation. Tip 1 – Take your partner out; dinner with … Continue reading 2 quick tips for spicy foreplay

Here’s a quick way to de-stress

Another stressful work day begs for a little relaxation with your sweetie. It’s hard to unwind when you’re stressed from the work day but with these candles it becomes so much easier to ignore the daily stresses of work-life and just relax with your sweetie.     Monogamy candles are more than meets the eye. They are beautiful candles that burn seductive scents in strawberries … Continue reading Here’s a quick way to de-stress