First Date Tips

First dates are daunting what with Google and social media your date cannot hide much so it is not a good idea to dig up dirt on your date via online research, relax get to know them, do not dig up dirt and ask them about people in their social media pics.


1st date


Take your date somewhere casual like a quiet café or jazz bar if you are into that scene. That way you can talk and hear each other; if you are not impressed with your date then there is great music!

Limit early conversations to a quick text just to check in or say hi; not a full blown convo save that for the next date or there will be nothing to talk about then.

Stay private; lay off social media comments re your date.

Old world etiquette was one where a man asked a woman on a date and so he paid the bill but remember; it’s a new world so splitting the bill is fine.

Get tips and more when you join us in social media; we’re quite social.



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