Did you know that most condoms are now flex fit and will fit most sizes? All brands sold by us are tested for strength and reliability passing ISO standards and are durable. We only sell high quality condoms which are made from premium materials and use high quality lubricants just for your pleasure.

We have plenty of options; will you choose one? Here we give you the deets from flavoured to vibrating condoms:-

    1. Non latex so you can avoid the allergy, taste or smell of latex.
    2. Sensitive it’s like wearing nothing at all.
    3. Flavours and colours so you can play games!
    4. Thin for even more sensitivity.
    5. Long wearing delays your pleasure.
    6. Ribbed or studded for even more pleasure.
    7. Vibrating get added sensual stimulation.
    8. Naked it’s the closest you’ll get to wearing none.
    9. Plain so you’re protected.

Order here pick up in store or choose delivery; remember, we’re in social media, join us.


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