Here’s a quick fit tip from the bra experts at Baba’s.

If you find that the band of your bra rides up in your back towards your shoulders then the bra is not a good fit. The band is there to provide additional support to your breasts, along with the cups and straps and therefore, the band should be snug.


For your bra to give the support as intended in a properly fitted bra, the band must fit comfortably snug like a waist belt; in that it fits level around you i.e. the band is at the same level with the front of the bra and parallel to the floor. If it is not then it will inevitably start riding up as the band is too large and the weight of your breasts not being supported by all components working together i.e. the cups, straps and band which will leave you with the appearance of sagging boobs and a hunched shoulder.

It is time to book a bra fitting with us. Follow us for tips hints and more.


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