3 Quick Tips for Waist Training

Remember those Victorian era pictures where women seemed bound into corsets to reduce their waistline or maintain that hour glass shape?



Now the trend is back, celebrities swear by waist trainers and Doctors advise against them; as per the health risks.


Latex Waist Trainer

If you decide to take the risks; here are three (3) quick tips to help you do so safely and properly.

  1. Purchase one that suits your purpose (slimming or exercise). Make sure it is well made, so it holds you firmly and pay attention to the material it is made from.
  2. Size matters, a well fitted waist trainer should be comfortable and maintain its shape when fitted in the first row of hooks.
  3. Wear it for as long as you are comfortable and for each subsequent time you wear it; do so for a longer duration.

For best results use diet and exercise as a complement to trim the fat in the area you are slimming. Contact us for help in choosing a waist trainer.

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