Bridal Showers-the basics


Research shows the origins of bridal showers began more than 100 years ago where the tradition came from dowry practices. Now-a-days the gift giving tradition has evolved into so many customs and differing gift offerings.

The Chief (maid of honour) or Brides maids generally hosts the shower but in their absence any friend may host. The hostess must try to ensure that the invited are among those well wishers of the couple; their immediate or close female family members, the female members of the wedding party and close female friends of both the bride and groom. Overall the guest list should have everyone the Bride wants to attend.


Generally bridal showers are held a few days or weeks before the wedding, the hostess selects and coordinates gifts for the Bride and includes in the invitation the store name where these gifts are registered, this makes it easier for everyone invited to know where and what to purchase the couple for their shower gift.

As guests are expected to bring gifts, provide refreshments and snacks and as a guest keep in mind the objective of a bridal shower,  “shower” the bride with gifts as a way to help her start her new life with her husband. Therefore, don’t go empty handed!   

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