Hosting a fun-filled bridal shower

Being a great hostess is all about creativity. Sure, you can host a bridal shower that is good but just good isn’t memorable; a fantastic hostess does a play on the Bridal Shower with a hefty dose of naughty, original thinking.

Plan a themed Bridal Shower and use said theme for inspiration. Take the kitchen, for instance as a theme. Look around; how many items in that kitchen can you see the bride using to tantalize the groom? Certainly that spatula could be used for it’s intended purpose but how about it being used to administer a serious spanking to a naughty spouse? Such a large wooden spoon – couldn’t it’s use be reversed?

What is a kitchen without ingredients to whip up fabulous meals and delectable treats (wink)? Gifts should include butter (Body Butter that is) creams (Body Whip Crème) and even salt (Body or Bath Salt) so she can whip up a soufflé (Body Soufflé) with ease or prep a marinade.

00113                                    Karma Sutra – Vanilla Body Soufflé

But think of the guests let them find creative “double utilise” in the gifts they bring to the shower and give them a chance to explain the “reverse” use.

It’s ideas like these that will take the bridal shower from good to phenomenal and keep guests entertained.

Don’t restrict your creativity to the theme, think of the bride (and the stories she’s told in the past) the guests and of course inject your own naughty imagination into the things you’ve done or imagined. Follow us in twitter @babaslingerie we’re quite social.




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