Our top 5 picks for June Brides


It’s officially wedding and bridal shower season with that comes the challenge of finding the perfect gift for the bride-to-be based on her personality and style. We give you our top 5 five picks of the hottest gifts this season.

  1. Edible Novelties – body paint, body topping, warming massaging lotions or oils, body dust, body butter…and more…because; a body is a wonderful thing to taste.
  1. Couples Games – naughty or nice dice or card games, bondage and seduction…get ready for those rainy nights and long weekends.
  1. Buzzing Delights – lipsticks, bullets, rings and more, a playful encounter to a private evening, so much to buzz about.
  1. Lingerie – dress to impress, fantasy or role play…sizes up to 5XL; need we say more?
  1. Details – enhance your romantic setting with rose petals, lubricants, scented candles, bath crystals, bath flakes and more…

Follow us on twitter @babaslingerie we’re quite social. Remember; you can order your gifts and pick up in store or get it delivered and most important; don’t go empty handed.



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